Mimas Finance

The Mimas protocol smart contracts are forked from Compound protocol, which is a deeply battle-tested protocol with minimal changes. We are using the same protocol as Tranquil Finance that was already successfully audited by CertiK. We are also planning to do a Mimas specific audit with CertiK.

Mimas Finance is built by the same behind Tranquil Finance on the Harmony ONE chain. Our goal is to provide a product tailored to the Cronos blockchain, that address the specific needs of the Cronos community, while leveraging all our previous experience on Tranquil.

75% of all protocol fees are distributed to MIMAS holders through locked staking. Besides that, MIMAS is Mimas Finance's governance token, so it will become a voting tool once the protocol is at a more advanced stage.

We are going to partner with MM Finance, one of the leading DEXes on Cronos, for our initial DEX offering (IDO). You can find more details here.

Shortly after the launch, you'll be able to stake MIMAS directly on the Mimas app. Two staking options will be available there; a 6-months locked stake that yields 75% of protocol fees and MIMAS rewards, and a non-locked pool that yields only MIMAS rewards.
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